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InstallShield 2020 is available now!

InstallShield2020 artykul ENG
Flexera, an industry-recognized leader of software installation, open source software scanning, and software monetization solutions, announced the release of InstallShield 2020. The new release of the market-leading Windows Installer software fully supports Microsoft’s packaging format, MSIX, and specifically adds functionality that makes the creation, conversion and modification of MSIX packages extremely easy for software suppliers, helping them take their products to market quickly and efficiently.

“Software companies are under pressure to do more with less and to accelerate time to market. It is our goal to make that as easy as possible for them while delivering an excellent installation experience for their customers,” said Venkat Ram Donga, InstallShield Product Manager at Flexera. “With InstallShield 2020, we are adding even more MSIX support and ease of use, enabling independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to build installers quickly, easily and without failure.”   Donga

InstallShield helps developers build and convert MSIX packages in a matter of seconds. The new 2020 release adds even more ease of use. For example, developers can now build modification packages for any given MSIX package or leverage the support for MSIX Core to create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for different Windows platforms. In addition, InstallShield 2020 adds the ability to build pure 64bit launchers for MSI and Suite installers and supports CloudHSM certificates for digital signing in AWS build environments.

Feature Highlights in InstallShield 2020:

  • MSIX Modification Packages
    Build MSIX modification packages from InstallShield for any given MSIX package.

  • Pure 64-bit Launchers
    Build pure 64-bit launchers for Basic MSI and Suite installers.

  • Support for AWS CloudHSM-based Digital Signing
    Digitally sign your installers for build environments set up in AWS using CloudHSM certificates.

  • Support for MSIX Core
    Create a single suite installer targeting MSIX for both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

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More information about Flexera you can find here.

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StorMagic Launches SvKMS

SvKMS artykul eng
SvKMS, StorMagic’s first-ever virtualized key management software solution, is now available. SvKMS delivers enterprise-grade encryption key management that adapts to any environment — whether it be the edge, datacenter, and/or cloud. It eliminates common encryption pain points, by providing centralized management and the flexibility to deploy a KMS wherever it’s needed, at a surprisingly low cost.

Use any encryption, at any location, for a surprisingly low cost
We believe enterprises deserve a one-stop approach to key management. SvKMS provides a single platform that manages all your encryption keys, anywhere.
Customers get an enterprise key manager for any encryption workflow, whether at the edge, datacenter, cloud or even multi-cloud. SvKMS has enterprise-grade features delivered in a simple to use interface - all at a surprisingly low cost.

 ikona 1    ikona 2    ikona 3
Flexible    Robust   Simple
Any environment, any workflow   Enterprise-grade at a surprisingly low price   Eliminate the pain of encryption
Deploy anywhere, high availability without boundaries, integrate with any workflow   Advanced key management, powerful reporting & authorization, lowest price for massive scale    Centralized management, easy configuration, effortless administration

What makes SvKMS different?

Automate and Integrate with any Workflow
Unify all encryption key management processes in a centralized virtual appliance. Providing widely accessible risk reduction via GUI, integrated REST API-enhanced workflows and KMIP standardization helps SvKMS deliver rapid customization, logging, dashboard auditing and monitoring for all deployment scenarios.

Deploy Anywhere
Generate, store and provision keys at the edge, datacenter, cloud, or multi-cloud. SvKMS runs in any cloud or hypervisor and can be deployed in both single and multi-tenanted configurations.

Easy to Use and Configure
SvKMS provides security professionals the ability to deploy key management in minutes vs weeks-to-months with industry incumbents. Setup is quick and easy so you can spend more time on the apps you are protecting than on the key management itself.

Lowest Price for Modern Key Management
Simplify your encryption key management, lower operation costs, while at the same time reducing expenditures on multiple KMS products. Avoid proprietary and expensive KMS vendor lock-in, including setup and on-going maintenance costs. No pro services required!

 Advanced Key Management Features
 Secure any environment with enterprise-level key management features.
Click here to read about the SvKMS Features 

 The Last Key Management Solution You’ll Ever Need
 SvKMS provides a single platform to manage many different use cases.
 Click here to read about the SvKMS Solutions

Robust key management lifecycle
Encryption keys are not perpetual, and the probability of a breach increases the longer that a key is in use, just like with the use of a password. The task of a key manager is the complete set of operations necessary to create, maintain, protect, and control the use of cryptographic keys.

SvKMS supports full life cycles for encryption keys, from inception to retirement and destruction, to ensure compliance and process mandates.

KeyNexus Unified Key Manager2
 StorMagic SvKMS Data Sheet
 Click here for more info about requirements, compatibility and support.

More information about StorMagic you will find here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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ACUNETIX V13 is already available!

Acunetix v13 news eng
Acunetix, the pioneer in automated web application security software, has announced the release of Acunetix Version 13. The new release comes with an improved user interface and introduces innovations such as the SmartScan engine, malware detection functionality, comprehensive network scanning, proof-of-exploit, incremental scanning, and more. This release further strengthens the leading position of Acunetix on the web security market.


“Acunetix has always focused on performance and accuracy and the newest release is yet another proof of this,” said Nicolas Sciberras, CTO. “You cannot find these unique features in any other product.”

  Nicolas Sciberras koło

Unparalleled Performance
Scanning complex web applications using traditional web vulnerability scanners may take hours, having a serious impact on production site performance and internal processes. Acunetix addresses this problem by introducing even more innovations that improve scanning performance.

The SmartScan engine included with Acunetix v13 prioritizes unique pages to discover more vulnerabilities early on. In most cases, Acunetix SmartScan can find approximately 80 percent of vulnerabilities in the first 20 percent of the scan. The newest Acunetix engine also reduces the number of requests required to find vulnerabilities, which lessens the site load during the scan.

In addition to the SmartScan engine, the newest Acunetix release also introduces incremental scanning. You can choose to scan only the elements of your web application that have changed since the last full scan. On average, it shortens the process by 90 percent or more.

Comprehensive Security Coverage
With the release of Acunetix v13, network scanning functionality is now available on all platforms. Web vulnerabilities and network vulnerabilities are part of the same assessment and management processes.

In addition to the previously available malicious link discovery function, the newest Acunetix release also introduces web malware scanning. Acunetix discovers scripts on websites and web applications, downloads them, and scans them locally using Windows Defender on Windows or ClamAV on Linux.

Further Advances in Automation
Acunetix v13 introduces two new features that greatly improve automation, especially in the case of larger organizations. The vulnerability confidence level clearly indicates whether the vulnerability may need further manual confirmation. Critical vulnerabilities typically have a 100 percent confidence level, which means that they are fully verified. For most such vulnerabilities, Acunetix now also provides a proof-of-exploit, such as the content of a sensitive file downloaded from the server.

The newest release also enhances the import and integration capabilities of Acunetix. The scanner can now additionally import WADL, ASP.Net WebForms, and Postman files to seed the crawl. You can also export vulnerabilities to even more issue trackers: GitLab, Bugzilla, and Mantis.

Technology Improvements
With all the new advances comes an improved user interface, featuring better sorting and filtering as well as response highlighting and improved accessibility.

In addition to the above innovations and improvements, the Java AcuSensor technology now supports the Spring framework, while the DeepScan crawling engine can now directly recognize Angular 2, Vue, and React frameworks and adjust crawling to their requirements.

Acunetix, the Company
Founded in 2005 to combat the alarming rise in web application attacks, Acunetix is a pioneer and market leader in automated web application security technology. Acunetix products are trusted globally by individual security experts, SMBs, and large organizations. It is the security provider of choice for many customers in the government, military, educational, telecommunications, banking, finance, and e-commerce sectors, including the Pentagon and Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Disney, and Adobe.

More information about Acunetix you will find here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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