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vFilO - new DataCore product

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DataCore Software announced vFilO™ software, its next-generation distributed file and object storage virtualization technology, that is uniquely designed to help enterprises organize, optimize, and control large volumes of data scattered on-premises and in the cloud.

vFilO combines the capabilities of a scale-out distributed file systems while delivering on the benefits of an object storage system, supporting NFS, SMB, and S3 protocol access to the same set of data.

It continuously migrates, load balances and safeguards data among on-premises and cloud storage tiers using ML and arbitrage modeling to optimize for cost, performance, capacity, availability, compliance as well as other business objectives.

Inactive data is de-duplicated, compressed, and moved to lower cost storage such as a cloud S3 bucket. DataCore’s enterprise-class, scale-out data services are unconstrained by hardware infrastructure or geography and include live data mobility, self-service undelete, snapshots/clones and replication at any level of granularity.

“The announcement of vFilO puts DataCore in a unique position to help drive the industry’s transformation from a hardware-centric to a software-defined model, a vision we call DataCore ONE.” said Gerardo Dada, CMO of DataCore Software. “The release of vFilO is a milestone in this transformation as it allows organizations to modernize existing systems, add new unstructured data storage capabilities, and take advantage of machine-learning data optimization, including the ability to leverage hybrid clouds without having to go through a major overhaul.”    Gerardo Dada 150x150

vFilO is priced per TB, with one price for active data and a lower price for inactive archives.

The software will be generally available on November 20, 2019.

About DataCore

DataCore bridges the gap between the enterprise’s need to achieve real-time business and to leverage current and future IT assets to maximize resource utilization.
DataCore pioneered software-defined storage. Patented technology overcomes I/O bottlenecks, delivering dramatic performance improvements, and delivers high availability in a very simple and cost-effective way. Over 10,000 deployments have the advantage of using DataCore. Today, we are bringing this technology to workload optimization.

More information about DataCore you will find here.

Download the free DEMO available here.

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