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App Portal


App Portal is a universal enterprise app store for desktop, mobile, and cloud applications that enables IT to maintain the control necessary to ensure compliance with licensing agreements, product use rights, and corporate policy while reducing enterprise software costs and maximizing software usage. App Portal addresses the business need to control the distribution of approved and authorized software and the user’s expectations of a consumer-driven experience for accessing approved applications in the workplace. Automating one-time software requests and enabling self-service operating system deployments saves hours of valuable IT staff time.

Gain Control over Software License Compliance and Governance

  • Eliminate deploying unlicensed desktop software
  • Get accurate license positions for compliance and cost assignment
  • Measure success and make sound decisions regarding software licensing and usage
Eliminate Software Spending and Shelf-ware

  • Reclaim software and avoid overbuying of costly enterprise licenses
  • Verify Product Use Rights, and only purchase new software licenses when needed
  • Enlist the help of employees with the Software Policy Score™
  • Increase procurement efficiency, optimize vendor contracts, and maintain control of budgets
Streamline Application Service Delivery with a Self-Service App Store

  • Publish IT approved and packaged applications directly from Flexera Software AdminStudio
  • Enable employees to spend their budget on the apps they deem most beneficial to their productivity
  • Reduce application delivery time from weeks to hours or even minutes with express checkout
Works with Leading IT Service Management Solutions

App Portal provides an app store interface that works with BMC Remedy, ServiceNow, and other ITSM solutions to maintain control over licensing, and enable automated self-service access to authorized applications employees need to be productive.